Our Short Story

Glimpse Rank's Founder tells us his brief story and what's special about this agency.
Hello! My name is Yassin, I'm a 25 year-old Civil Engineering graduate (you must be wondering "what the hell does Civil Engineering have to do with SEO?!")

So, I learned about SEO in 2017 & by the end of the year I enrolled Neil Patel's course (SEO Unlocked) then got my first SEO job at a health-related blog in mid-2018.

This website started getting some traction by the end of 2018.
In 2019, I started 2 blogs in partnership with my brother and a friend of mine. One of which was then sold for 5 figures by the end of 2020.

Fast forward to 2022, I have a small portfolio consisting of 5 websites and I'm currently a part-timer at a digital marketing agency called Kaii Lab.

Along the way, I've taken a handful of courses by SEMrush Academy, Authority Hacker, Fat Stacks, Backlinko, and Matt Diggity to name a few.
So what are we special at? Or why should you hire us instead of other reputable SEO agencies?
Simply because we're not only SEO specialists; we've built multiple websites from A to Z (from choosing a suitable hosting service and setting up the website to generating a couple hundred dollars per month) so we know what it takes to build an SEO friendly website from the very start.

Case Studies

I did not yet start documenting my experience with the few websites that I've built. Stay tuned for some jaw-dropping case studies in the near future!

What We Excel At

This is what we think we do best.
Founder: Yassin Mahmoud ElAkkari
Phone: +201005264979
Email: [email protected]
Address: 133 Ahmed Shawky Street, Roushdy, Alexandria, Egypt

Search Analysis

We take keyword research to the next level by using tactics that reveal the low-hanging fruits.

Site Structure

We use advanced software tools dedicated to create solid site structures essential for ranking.

Link Building

We know exactly how & where to spend your link building campaign budget.

On-Page Optimization

Internal linking, keywords in meta tags, and overall formatting of the content are things we take extra care of.
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